Xoxo, Gossip Girl

Three years had passed since this amazing serie run out, and it still remains in the netflix “continue watching” line of many teenagers all around the world. Are 121 episodes of privileged teens living in Manhatann with plenty secrets to hide and tell. If we sum up all the serie in that sentence, it sound a little superficial and empty, but that is the plot of the original book of Cecily von Ziegesar that tells all the original Gossip Girl story.

Its true that for some people find a little cliché the story of Upper Side Nyc families, but certainly, the trama goes deeper enchanting the audience by showing real family and friendship drama in every character of the serie. The high couture, the professionalism of the cast, the magic of New York City in every scene, are what makes Gossip Girl such a thrilling and exciting product to watch all over again. Like some other critics said, is addictive, glamorous and a guilty pleasure.

The fact that every episode title is a word play on the title of a movie, its an other example that affirms the magnificent of the script; Blair Waldorf quoting Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana, Gandhi, Maquiavelo, and plenty of other exponents of fashion, peace and philosophy, shows us that she, like the other characters, have layers that yes, are covered first by appearances of bills and dresses, but insecurities, problems and deep dark interiors.

Every actor is different, there is no equal role playing by two actors, every single one is different in every aspect. We have Dan the outsider, Vanessa the honest and confused, Jenny the misunderstood, Serena the perfect naughty blondie, Blair the intelligent and evil, Chuck the lonely one and Nate the good ken boy. Who is the hero who is the villain? We will never know, because the situations of the serie turn up side down in seconds.

I totally give them four and a half stars for this great show. Marvelous 9 seasons, marvelous 121 episodes.


· “You´re nobody until you´re talked about” ·





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