The BEAUTIFUL Danish Girl

Oh my God. How amazing could this movie be?


This movie, inspired by the lives of two danish artists: Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener, is the perfect mix of everything that a good film must have: the fashion of the twentys reflected in every dress and every corner of Denmark, the suffer of loving someone so much that you accept EVERYTHING, let me repeat it, EVERYTHING about that guy/women, the exquisite make up, and off course the drama since the second you start watching it.

The performance of the chameleonic Eddie Redmayne and the fearless Alicia Vikander are impecable, I admire this two so much not only for this recent movie, but also The theory of everything (the one that gave Eddie the Oscar) and Ex machina (winner of the Best Achievement in Visual Effects Oscar).

I think the major part of the public that went to watched this movie certainly know that there will be three things: romance, nudity and a death. Although, the series of events that happens in the 1 hour and 59 minutes of the movie, left the audience speechless as soon as the film is over, because all through this exciting path, the viewer experiment feelings of confusion: “What the hell is happening to the crazy wife of Lili, can she just reveal herself and make Einar STOOOOP??” (the first 30 minutes of the film). “Lili should definitely do her surgery and be happy”. “I´m sure Gerda and Henrik will end up together.” Anyway, all types of thoughts. That´s why is a very entertaining movie to watch, yeah its true that it isn’t for everyone (please dont go and watch it with your grandpas, i do not think they can’t handle the process of a man becoming a women for almost two hours), but for the lovers of biographic films, drama movies, fashion, love, great landscapes, #loveyourself, #beyourself, etc, will totally enjoy this masterpiece.

The director Tom Hooper (also known for directing The King´s speech and Les Miserables), demonstrate once again a beautiful story surround by a beautiful scenery with beautiful actors. Every frame is an oil painting, how amazing is to give art a very important play in the movie!

I give it four and a half stars, great Sountrack and Script too.


· “Find the courage to be yourself . Have the courage to love yourself “·






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